Value Stream Consulting understands the value and benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies within any organization. If implemented successfully, Lean Six Sigma results in lower costs, increased quality, and shortened lead times. More importantly, Lean Six Sigma will also yield increased employee engagement and inspire a culture of employee pride and ownership in their work.
As with any change to the status quo, realizing desired outcomes often breeds challenges along the way. One of these challenges is educating and engaging your workforce. At the onset of introducing Lean Six Sigma, the organization may be challenged with resistance to new processes and viewed by the workforce as only a cost-cutting effort, a reduction to staff, and/or a complex system meant only for the organization’s “top talent”. These perceptions can cause apprehension among staff and become a huge obstacle for your organization’s Lean journey.

To overcome these challenges, Value Stream Consulting’s unique approach is to package and present Lean Six Sigma to your organization in an exciting and relevant way, emphasizing that Lean Six Sigma is a total business strategy and each individual’s role within the organization will contribute to the positive impact of executing Lean Six Sigma process improvements. Mining creative improvement ideas from those closest to the work and then implementing those ideas ensures that everyone shares in the success that Lean Six Sigma offers.

Many successful companies have already adopted the Lean Six Sigma methodologies that have given them a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. How will your organization stay competitive and relevant?

Contact us today and ask about the many ways Value Stream Consulting can help your organization discover, educate, and implement Lean Six Sigma.